Project Description

Fourteen Verses is an experiment in a collection of sonnets under a new guise in different dimensions. The first event took place as part of the opening celebrations of the Citadel in Gozo. This included a book launch of an anthology of sonnets penned by Alfred Grech some of which were visually interpreted by George Mario Attard and accompanied with a musical arrangement by Amadeo Bezzina. The collaboration by the three artists creates a holistic experience in a multi-disciplinary interpretation of Erbatax-il Vers (fourteen verses).














“Art is not static, it is not a paradigm. It is not a stereotype in a new outfit. Art is an experiment.”

In this ongoing project the studio was entrusted with the publishing of the book and collaborated with the artists to design a book that merged literature and its visual interpretation creating a dialogue between classical and contemporary through the application of classical methods (golden ratio) that honed the composition and typography setting throughout the book. The book launch and communication of the event promotion was also produced by the studios and amalgamated with ongoing activities during the launch of the newly restored Citadel in Gozo.

Client: Alfred Grech

Industry Type: Literature

Audience: est. 2,600+

Project Type: #exhibition #eventpromotion #pr #pressrelease #mediacoverage #sponsorhip #bookdesign #socialmedia #eventphotography #projectcoordination